Quentin King

I have known Quentin for over 20 years as both a wine customer and a very good, generous friend.
I have always admired his work, some of which happily adorns my
house, and  I am now very pleased to be able to present here, some of his work. He
is now well established as one of this country's foremost and original artists, whose
work is becoming ever more sought after. We would particularly recommend his new
work for use in hotels, offices, restaurants etc, where these abstracts can help to
brighten up one's working environment.
Christopher Wood


The inspiration for Quentin's latest work is much more philosophical than concrete.
In all of his works Quentin is attempting to create a visual interpretation of an
abstract thought. These thoughts include friendship, reaching personal goals, the relationship between
sea and land as a metaphor for concrete actions and abstract thoughts. For hope and dreams.

We have always steered clear of the pseudo babble so often found in art literature,
more often than not created after the artworks to give them a false profundity. So
we've just put a few words or phrases to each picture to give a hint of what was in
Quentin's mind as he painted. Quentin is much better at articulating his thoughts via
his brush onto canvas / wood / metal. If it was the other way round, he'd be an author.

So without further ado, on with the show!

Quentin King

- Born in Eastbourne in 1957
- Studied Graphic design at Bath Academy of Art

After graduating, Quentin worked for an advertising / design company to fulfil his ambitions
to work in design. He left the advertising world after just two weeks on realizing that he wanted
to work free from commercial restraint. In 1982 he set up a screen press in his flat and became
a printmaker. During his early years as an artist / screen painter, he produced many sought after
editions and posters which are among collections around the world. His work has often been used
in film and television backdrops in programmes.

In 1991 Quentin established Harwood King Fine Arts, a silkscreen editioning house,
now renowned throughout the world for producing some of the finest silkscreen prints.

Quentin is currently working on a new range of abstract prints strong in colour and design. Although
principally interested in silkscreen printing, Quentin's recent work has shown an enthusiasm for
experimenting in different media, including etching and carborundum.

   Inking up the image

the abstracts

Inspiration for the abstract work is a fusion of Rothko with Quentin's work on canvas which isinfluenced by his travels around Italy,
 Spain and Southern France. His preoccupation with naturaltextures and shapes formed by light and shadows is distinctly evident in
 his current work using carborundum. "What drew me to the use of carborundum was the intensity and depth of colour that is
heightened by the three dimensional qualities of the medium". Traditionally, carborundum has been used in the construction of a
painting plate - much the same way that a copper sheet is the base for an etching. Quentin has usedcarborundum in a very unique way -
 as part of the surface of each picture. Each work is shown off to its best advantage with a simple but comtemporary and striking stainless
steel backdrop which also acts as the frame.The simplicity of this display negates the needs for a traditional frame -
making the gallery owners life much easier.

Each image is delivered, ready to hang.

what is carborundum?

Carborundum (silicon carbide) is made from coke which is fired at great heat to produce a substance which
is the next hardest to diamonds. This is then crushed into different grades and textures for a number of uses -
most commonly for sandpapers. For our artwork purposes, carborundum is mixed with a hardener and applied
in varying viscosity to a steel plate before being inked up. The finished result provides an amazing translucency
 and depth of colour not normally achieved using traditional printing techniques.


 REALISATION                                                                WARMTH OF AN OLD FRIENDSHIP
 CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL                                                                    CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL
 IMAGE SIZE   54  X  54   CMS                                                                   IMAGE SIZE   54  X  54   CMS
 EDITION LENGTH   50                                                                                EDITION LENGTH   50
 (Concentration - The power of essence -                                                   (Looking back through rose tinted spectacles)
 So difficult to achieve)                                                                                  (Good memories always pervade -
 (And finally you've achieved, realised, what your                                     The solidity of friendship)
 subconscious has been telling you all along)                                           (Single malts / Log fires)

£450                                                                  £450

 NEPTUNE                                                                        OFFSET
 CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL                                                                  CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL
 IMAGE SIZE   54  X  54   CMS                                                                  IMAGE SIZE   54  X  54   CMS
 EDITION LENGTH   50                                                                               EDITION LENGTH   50
 (The day end - Light fluorescing on water)                                             (To catch a glimpse - Just imagine - Expectation and
 (Hassle free - No worries - One last glass)                                             reality)

£450                                                                 £450

Loading...    Loading...
LOCKED                                                                                   POTENTIAL ENERGY
CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL                                                                               CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL
IMAGE SIZE   54  X  54   CMS                                                                               IMAGE SIZE   54  X  54   CMS
EDITION LENGTH   50                                                                                           EDITION LENGTH   50

£450                                                                          £450

                 THE LISTENER                                                    THE SPEAKER
                       CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL                                                     CARBORUNDUM ON STEEL
                       IMAGE SIZE  34 X 46 CM                                                            IMAGE SIZE  34 X 46 CM
                       EDITION LENGTH   50                                                                  EDITION LENGTH   50

             £600                                                          £600

Etchings & Silkscreen prints by Quentin king
Original paintings by Quentin King

(All prices include VAT)

If you would like to view any of these or receive further information,
please contact Chris Wood via email or telephone on 01903 261234.
To view more of Quentin's work, please CALL US to arrange a visit.